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Pool Fees, Life-Jackets and New Kayaks

Pool Fees
Pool fees are now due for the next 12 weeks. (Actually they were due last Wednesday, but I wasn’t at the pool then.)
The cost is £44 (with one week free) which takes us to the end of April.
Those paying weekly just carry on as normal, £4 a week.
We have a selection of second hand junior buoyancy aids and life-jackets donated by a friend. As the club has just bought some new junior buoyancy aids, these will be offered to club members, first come first served.
New Kayaks
The club’s new kayaks are ready for us to collect from Manchester Canoes, near Warrington. David is passing there at the end of February and can collect them then, unless anyone else is able to get them sooner. I was going to go last weekend, but the weather wasn’t good, and it would cost us an extra £60 for the petrol. I know you are all keen to get the kayaks.

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Funding Success!

We were successful with our funding application at the Carrick Decides event today!

Many thanks to everyone who helped support this, especially to Euan, Lenny and Pamela who put together a great display board about the club, and spent hours at the event explaining to people what the club did. We may also get some new members as a result.

We now have an option to apply for additional match funding from another source such as North Carrick Community Benefit Co. www.nccbc.org (wind farm benefit funds). With extra funds we could also get some new adult kayaks, and do a club trip to somewhere like the Pinkston Watersports facility in Glasgow. pinkston.co.uk

We can discuss this at the AGM on 11th October. We can also discuss our re-branding of the club as Carrick Canoe Club, which may have helped with the funding application. Maybe a logo competition and some new T-shirts or fleeces.


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Pool Training Sessions 2016-17

Pool training sessions restart on Wednesday 5th October in Maybole Swimming Pool, from 8 to 9 pm.

Proposed dates for 2016-17 (avoiding school holidays):

  • October 05, 19, 26     (not 12th)
  • November 02, 09, 16, 23, 30
  • December 07, 14
  • January 11, 18, 25
  • February 01, 08, 15, 22
  • March 01, 08, 15, 22, 29
  • April 19, 26     (not 5th or 12th)

This gives us 10 sessions before Christmas and 14 sessions after.

Our AGM is planned for Wed 19th October, 7 pm at the Sports Club. Hope you can come and bring your ideas for the club.

One suggestion is, along with a modest increase in fees, to give a discount for paying for a block of sessions. This would encourage regular attendance and give a more guaranteed income for the club. The option to pay weekly would still be there.

John Haston
Your club secretary.

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Hooked on Kayaking!

As the summer evening kayaking sea trips draw to a close, we had a drama on the sea at Maidens last Wednesday.

Alastair had gone ahead with his fishing line as it was fairly calm, and Glen and I followed.  By the time we got to Alastair he had already caught a large fish, which jumped about on his spray-deck and caught another large fishhook into his hand. Although in some pain, we managed to get Alastair ashore and his kayaking kit removed.  He was then able to drive to hospital to get the hook removed.

Lessons learned:

  • Multiple hooks as seen on mackerel lures can be dangerous, especially with the limited space on a kayak. Better to remove the extra hooks.
  • Any kayaking accident or injury can be seriously debilitating. We were fortunate that the sea was quite calm and Alastair did’t capsize. He was in considerable pain as the hook was deep into his hand, which made him unsteady on the water.
  • Also it is useful to carry basic first aid kit when kayaking.

Fortunately the Accident and Emergency dept were able to successfully remove the hook and Alastair was safely home by 1 am.

Although the weather forecast isn’t too bad for this Wednesday, sunset is at 8:10 pm which doesn’t leave much time for paddling.  We will probably not be going out this Wednesday, but we might arrange a weekend paddle sometime in September if there is enough interest.

Our pool training sessions will restart in Maybole Pool at 8 pm on Wednesday 7th October.


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Summer Sea Kayaking

Last Wednesday’s paddling was cancelled due to bad weather.  Fortunately this Wednesday looks to be much better!  Here are directions to the club lock-up and advice on what to bring:

Girvan Canoe Club’s Summer Sea Kayaking

On Wednesday evenings during the summer we meet at the Club’s canoe store at School Vennel, Maybole (just off Greenside, across from the station) at 19:00 prompt to paddle on the sea.  Paddling depends on weather conditions; in bad weather or off-shore winds we will not be going on the sea.  When there is surf running there may be good sport for more experienced paddlers but it is possible that less experienced paddlers will not be able to go out.

Paddlers should bring suitable clothing to wear in a kayak: – You will get wet!  This includes swimming costume, wet-suit or dry-suit if possible, otherwise light-weight trousers, T-shirt, old wool pullover.  Wet-suit boots or neoprene boots are ideal, otherwise light-weight gym-shoes or sandals that can get wet.  The Club has equipment such as spray-decks, crash helmets, buoyancy aids, cagoules, etc.

Don’t forget a towel and dry clothing to change into at the end.  A drink and snack is always good to have too.

The Club charges £2 per evening which includes use of Club equipment.



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Canoe Club pool sessions

The canoe club is starting back in the pool on Wednesday 1st October, from 8 to 9 pm.

The AGM will be on Wednesday 29th October – after the school holidays. This will be held in the Carrick Sports Club, at 7 pm, subject to confirmation of venue.

We look forward to seeing you all back on the water, and bring a friend!

John Haston

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Canoe club pool sessions

I hope everyone is refreshed after the Easter break.  I certainly am, having been on a SCA canoeing development weekend at Aviemore.  I spent 2 days paddling an open canoe on Loch Morlich and on the River Spey, as well as an evening taster session on stand up paddle-boards (SUP).  All good fun – especially if you like being cold, tired and wet!ImageImage
There are 2 more sessions in the swimming pool, 23rd April (tonight) and 30th April, then we are back in the sea for the summer from 7th May. You can look forward to practicing support strokes and deep water rescues!
I think most of the present group coming to the pool should be capable of paddling in the sea, providing the conditions are suitable. We will make a final assessment in the next week or two. Please don’t be upset if we don’t think you are ready, as we have to put safety first.  There will be an occasional weekend paddle for all organised at the mouth of the River Doon.
Note: we decided at a recent meeting to increase the summer sea paddle session charge from £1 to £2, as there is more wear and tear on the equipment outdoors.
John Haston

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