Hooked on Kayaking!

As the summer evening kayaking sea trips draw to a close, we had a drama on the sea at Maidens last Wednesday.

Alastair had gone ahead with his fishing line as it was fairly calm, and Glen and I followed.  By the time we got to Alastair he had already caught a large fish, which jumped about on his spray-deck and caught another large fishhook into his hand. Although in some pain, we managed to get Alastair ashore and his kayaking kit removed.  He was then able to drive to hospital to get the hook removed.

Lessons learned:

  • Multiple hooks as seen on mackerel lures can be dangerous, especially with the limited space on a kayak. Better to remove the extra hooks.
  • Any kayaking accident or injury can be seriously debilitating. We were fortunate that the sea was quite calm and Alastair did’t capsize. He was in considerable pain as the hook was deep into his hand, which made him unsteady on the water.
  • Also it is useful to carry basic first aid kit when kayaking.

Fortunately the Accident and Emergency dept were able to successfully remove the hook and Alastair was safely home by 1 am.

Although the weather forecast isn’t too bad for this Wednesday, sunset is at 8:10 pm which doesn’t leave much time for paddling.  We will probably not be going out this Wednesday, but we might arrange a weekend paddle sometime in September if there is enough interest.

Our pool training sessions will restart in Maybole Pool at 8 pm on Wednesday 7th October.



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