Time for an update

A slow start to the new year, but pool numbers are starting to pick up. We close again on Wed 6th and 13th April, and start in the sea on Wed 4th May.
Welcome to new paddlers Gary and Julie, and Chris’s “cadets”.
Congratulations to those who have learned to roll – or re-learned! We should have a roll of honour for all these paddlers.
Our annual “Christmas” night out is coming soon. Dave is booking the bowling for around mid February. More details soon.
Chris is putting in for a grant to get some surf boats and sea kayaks, plus money for training and materials.
We can also accommodate paddlers from other clubs, subject to space in the pool. You won’t have to pay another annual membership fee and you get extra pool time!
Our local SCA development officer Roddy McDowell is planning a club event for 27/28 August – more details later.
Let me know if you want any other info posted. I could post membership forms, parental consent forms, etc. for ready access. I will post the minutes of the AGM, but these have not yet been formally agreed. Canoeing photos always welcome – email them to me and I will add them to the photo page.


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