First sea trip

This week is our first sea trip, so please bear with us as we sort everyone out with kit.

The club has several sets of wet suits, cagoules, buoyancy aids, helmets, paddles and of course kayaks! Hopefully everyone will get something that fits. If you have your own, even better!

The forecast for Wednesday evening isn’t too bad, except for easterly winds. This means it will be blowing offshore, so it would be dangerous to go out in the sea, especially with less experienced kayakers. The best option may be to launch in the harbour, and either paddle up river a bit or go out to the outer harbour.

Remember to bring a towel, a change of clothes, swim suit or shorts + T shirt to wear under your wetsuit, and a plastic bag to put your wet gear in. There are no changing rooms at the beach or harbour, so use a large towel to avoid indecent exposure!

We meet at the hut (garage) in Deacon’s Place, Girvan at 7:00 pm.

John Haston


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