Coach Training

John Haston and Chris Saunders attended a development weekend for club coaches.  This was held at Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore and organised by the Scottish Canoe Association (SCA).

The first day covered an update session including club coaching development by Andy Murray, child protection and equality by Yvonne Yost, and a welcome and introduction from Giles Trussell (Glenmore Lodge), Russell Daniels (SCA) and Stuart Smith (SCA).

The afternoon was split up into a choice of workshops, with the presenters either key SCA staff or outside specialists.  We selected workshops on Junior Paddlers (Russel Daniels), Difficult Behavior (John Hucksball) and Fund Raising (Lindsay Booth).  The workshops were packed full of information and the delivery was excellent.

Day 2 got us out on the water.  John spent the day in an open canoe on Loch Morlich, and got a 2 star certificate.  Chris had a morning session trying various boats, and an afternoon freestyle kayaking.

It was definitely a worthwhile weekend, and hopefully our increased enthusiasm will pass on to the rest of the club!


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